Adams Ricardo Limited

Hadron Engineering bought Adams Ricardo Ltd in 2007 and are the owners and main suppliers of Adams Ricardo/Wade SR & VR blowers.  Hadron Engineering supply new, reconditioned and service exchange Adams Ricardo blowers as well as a service and maintenance for the full range of Adams Ricardo/Wade SR and VR blowers. Bare shaft machines and blower sets are available, along with a full range of spares for these blowers.


As the main supplier Hadron Engineering carry a large stock of Adams Ricardo/Wade SR and VR blowers ready for immediate dispatch to OEM and End Users.


The full range of Adams Ricardo blowers Hadron Engineering supply are:


SR007              SR023              SR069              SR142              SR272              VR113

SR010              SR035              SR091              SR160              SR295              VR142

SR015              SR044              SR124              SR170              SR363              VR160

SR017              SR052              SR113              SR220              SR500              VR170