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Our range of blowers can also be ATEX designed for using in potentially gas explosive atmospheres.

Atex enclosure
Atex enclosure

ATEX Special Applications

  • More than 100 special gas blowers available for various applications – In accordance with EU Directive.
  • Atex units are mostly custom designed for unique application and customer requests.
  • Design of blower is ex-proof and prevents transfer of explosion from the inside to the outside of blower. Blower unit is gas-tight.
  • Material design is adapted according to the type of the gas (standard design, with anti-corrosion protection or made from stainless steel).
  • Blower units are equipped with safety devices and relevant measuring elements for the control and eventual visualization of the operating parameters.
  • Atex blowers are able to operate in combination mode with remote data transfer.

ΔP = 0 – 100 KPA (PRESSURE)
Q = 20 – 20 000 M3/ HR 

Installation guide available on request - Please call +44 (0) 1594 546440