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HB Blowing Set Package

The standard packages cover a wider array of blowers than its smaller brother the compact range. Air flows are available from 20m3/h, all the way up to 20,000m3/h at pressures up to 1 bar.

The units incorporate a unique belt tensioning system, where the downward weight of the electric motor is used to apply the correct tension to the belt drives via a pivoting mounting plate. Using this method of automatic adjustment, maximum service life is achieved from the ‘v’ belts, and servicing times are reduced.

All packages can be supplied with an automatic safety/startup valve. This device acts as a pressure relief valve when the unit is running, and also as an unloading valve, venting the blowers air to atmosphere upon initial startup. This ensures the blower is never damaged due to startup under potential full line pressure.

The standard packages are available in both pressure and vacuum variations, with negative pressures down to -500mb. Vacuum units are supplied with under pressure safety relief valves, and use filter suction silencers on the intake side of the blower along with a non return flap valve to prevent back siphoning of air through the blower. The picture below shows an example of the standard vacuum package.

Basic Package Components:

  • Tri Lobe Blower
  • Electric Motor.
  • Supporting framework with discharge silencer.
  • Inlet filter silencer.
  • Belt drives for all models.
  • Belt drive guard
  • Flexible connection
  • Non return valve.
  • Filter restriction indicator
  • Pressure gauge.
  • Complete installation / technical documentation.

Additional Accessories:

  • Indoor or outdoor acoustic enclosure.
  • Vacuum/pressure gauges
  • High Pressure switch/sensor
  • Vacuum switch/sensor
  • Temperature switch/sensor
  • Automatic unloading valve
  • Inverter control systems


Any other bespoke items can be tailored the suit customer’s requirements

Parts List and installation guides available on request - Please call +44 (0) 1594 546440