Fault Finding

Fault Finding

Below, you can find some of the common causes and effects and how they can be overcome.

Fault Finding

Download our Fault Finding Flowchart as a PDF >

Fault Finding Flow Chart

Troubleshooting Check list

Download out Troubleshooting Check List as a PDF >

Troubleshooting Check List


Premature Failure

Symptoms Cause Remedy

Loosening at natural weak spots i.e. cord ply ends – cable ends – jacket joints.

Internal break up – ply separation and breakage -  circumferential jacket splitting.

Excessive stretch.


Check drive selection for adequate power and correct use of service factor.

Polishing of belt wall – general jacket wear and discolouration with ultimate scorching.

Overheating of belts and pulleys.

Hardening of belt compound with radial cracking.

Patches of side wear at intervals.

Slip (continuous).



Slip (intermittent)

Correctly tension the drive.



Check belt tension and any backlash in the drive.

Radial cracking of jacket – overheating and general degradation.

Excessive flexing over small pulley i.e. high trip rate.  Short centres.

Check trip rate – centre distance.  Increase small pulley if possible.

Uneven wear and jacket scuff on one wall.

Misalignment shafts out of parallel.

Check installation.

Overall jacket scuffing and wear possibly greater on one wall.

Pulleys out of alignment

Check installation.

Overall jacket wear and degradation with patches of excessive wear.

Pulley grooves in poor condition.

Check pulleys.

Wear confined to upper or lower part of belt wall.

Incompatible belt and pulley groove angles.

Check pulley groove angles with gauge.

Circumferential splitting on or near pitch line followed by chaffing and ultimate breakage.

Excessive tension.

Check drive tension.

Belts turning over in pulley grooves.

Belt flap, Poor matching

Check drive tension.

Local damage to belt jacket resulting in belts breaking.

Mishandling – prising belts over pulleys using a leaver.  Belt may have hit the guard or machine frame.

Educate user on how to correctly fit belts.

Swelling – distortion – opening of seams.

Usually visible – fabric damage, fabric and compound cracking.

Oil, water or solvent particles damage.

Protect the drive or expect reduced belt life.

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