Our Packages

We offer a wide range of blower packages, each designed for varying purposes. The below briefly outlines what each of these cover and their typical uses.

Compact Package Range

The compact range of packaged units incorporates both blower, electric motor, intake and discharge silencers, all on a comparatively small footprint. These packages, are at present, pressure only packages and come with the basic equipment necessary for the supply of air or neutral gasses for the intended application. This makes this particular design ideal for applications where cost or physical space is of the greatest importance.

Standard Package Range

The standard package range have air volumes from 7m3/h to 10,000m3/h on pressure or vacuum. This flexibility makes these units ideal for a wide range of applications.

These units incorporate a unique belt tensioning system, which uses the actual weight of the motor to keep the v belts at the correct tension. This helps reduce service intervals and ensures the v belts achieve their maximum service life.

Acoustic Enclosures

Thanks to the layout optimization of the package units, enclosure sizes have been reduced to their absolute minimum. The acoustic enclosures are free from an underlying foundation frame and consist of separate panels, which are connected together via means of quick release catches. This method of assembly allows for easy handling and installation, and also enables trouble free fitting even in the most confined spaces.

The sound insulating material used maximizes noise absorption so that the acoustic power emitted by the blower is greatly reduced. By enlarging the inlet and outlet holes of the enclosure, and by selecting the amount of insulating material used in relation to panel thickness, a reduction in acoustic output of 25db can be achieved.

Basic Equipment

Packaged units comes complete with the following components as standard, enabling immediate operation once the unit has been wired up and plumbed into the air system.

Optional Extra's

We are also able to provide optional equipment dependant on customer requirements. Some of these optional products include:

Custom Packages

Bespoke packages are also available for extreme site / environmental conditions, and can be tailored to meet customer requirements. Some of these applications are listed below.

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Why should you consider Hadron Blowers & Pumps Why should you consider Hadron Blowers & Pumps
Hadron Blowers include
features such as...
  • Oil at both gear and drive ends,
    for ease of maintenance.
  • Cast iron, ribbed casings to
    ensure adequate heat dispersal
    & increased rigidity.
  • Easily accessible complete
    package units.
  • Dynamically balanced rotors
    which reduce vibration and noise.
  • Self tensioning belt drives,
    reducing wear & service times.
  • Easily accessible complete
    package units.
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