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FPZ Side Channel Blowers

18 June 2014

Hadron are pleased to announce and agreement with FPZ to become a Distributor of their full range of side channel blowers.  FPZ has been a worldwide supplier of side-channel blowers for the movement of air and technical gases. FPZ's attention to critical characteristics such as reliability, power efficiency and simplicity in design results from both continual research and experience gained over the last 35 years in a wide variety of applications.

This exciting collaboration will ensure that Hadron can continue to support customers by offering a wide portfolio of products to meet most requirements and expectations.

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Why should you consider Hadron Blowers & Pumps Why should you consider Hadron Blowers & Pumps
Hadron Blowers include
features such as...
  • Oil at both gear and drive ends,
    for ease of maintenance.
  • Cast iron, ribbed casings to
    ensure adequate heat dispersal
    & increased rigidity.
  • Easily accessible complete
    package units.
  • Dynamically balanced rotors
    which reduce vibration and noise.
  • Self tensioning belt drives,
    reducing wear & service times.
  • Easily accessible complete
    package units.
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