Pneumatic bulk material transport

Pneumatic Conveying Systems

In these applications both overpressure and underpressure blowers are used. Consequently, the difference in operating pressures moves within the range of 500 mbar abs. to 2 bar abs. The volume of air required generally attains a value of 50 to 10,000 m3/h.

The scope of application ranges vastly and includes some of the following uses : -

Continuation of the basic range are special type blowers that differ e.g. in the material of basic parts and elements, the design of the packing, mode of connection, the air flow direction etc. For the transport of aggressive media special basic elements with coating or made of stainless steel can be chosen, or cases made of austenitic ductile cast iron or grey iron (Ni-resist).

Some of typical sites which benefit from the use of our bespoke blowers and blower packages include: -

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Why should you consider Hadron Blowers & Pumps Why should you consider Hadron Blowers & Pumps
Hadron Blowers include
features such as...
  • Oil at both gear and drive ends,
    for ease of maintenance.
  • Cast iron, ribbed casings to
    ensure adequate heat dispersal
    & increased rigidity.
  • Easily accessible complete
    package units.
  • Dynamically balanced rotors
    which reduce vibration and noise.
  • Self tensioning belt drives,
    reducing wear & service times.
  • Easily accessible complete
    package units.
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