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Hadron Turbo Blower

Hadron Engineering have partnered up with a leading manufacturer of high speed Turbo Blowers. Our Partner produces Turbo Blowers using the most up to date technologies in air bearing, using high precision aerodynamic impeller, highly efficient and durable PMSM and customised VFD and control instrumentation in a compact blower package.

The Turbo Blower offers significant energy savings in systems demanding large air flows against a positive displacement blower. This energy saving along with low noise and ease of maintenance and installation makes the Turbo Blower the ideal alternative to a conventional blower.

Hadron can offer flexible finance options for all Turbo Blowers to meet any budget and this cost can be off set against the energy savings made.

Saving on Energy Consumption

Ease of Operation and Maintenance

Low Noise and Long Lifespan

Easy Maintenance with Minimal Costs

Ease of Operation and Maintenance

Turbo Motor / Impeller

Turbo Motor ImpellerThe high-speed PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor ) RPM is controlled via the inverter frequency.

The impeller that is used in the turbo blower motor guarantees the best performance and reliability with sophisticated design and precision manufacturing based on aviation technology.

Turbo Air Foil Bearing

Turbo Air Foil Bearing

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Why should you consider Hadron Blowers & Pumps Why should you consider Hadron Blowers & Pumps
Hadron Blowers include
features such as...
  • Oil at both gear and drive ends,
    for ease of maintenance.
  • Cast iron, ribbed casings to
    ensure adequate heat dispersal
    & increased rigidity.
  • Easily accessible complete
    package units.
  • Dynamically balanced rotors
    which reduce vibration and noise.
  • Self tensioning belt drives,
    reducing wear & service times.
  • Easily accessible complete
    package units.
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